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The Pilates Powerhouse

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The Pilates Powerhouse
is one of the most important concepts in Pilates. It's the area of your body that goes from under the breast bone down to the line of the hips.  Wrapping like a band around the back and hips.It includes the abdominal muscles, low back muscles, pelvic floor, muscles around the hips, and the glutes (butt muscles).

Powerhouse muscles work together to support the mid-section of the body. They stabilize, but they also create the big moves we make. And they give those moves their dynamic strength. Joseph Pilates emphasized this area of the body in the program of training he designed. All Pilates moves are initiated from the powerhouse.

What are the Core Muscles?

The core muscles are part of the powerhouse set, and using your core is part of using your powerhouse. The core muscles are the deep stabilizers like the pelvic floor, the psoas, the multifidus, and the transversus abdominis, among others.

But the core muscles are not the big movers like the rectus abdominis or glutes, that we add to the group when we talk about the powerhouse. 

Using the Powerhouse in Pilates
The powerhouse gives us the energy, stability, strength, and control to move into the intermediate and advanced Pilates exercises.

Developing the powerhouse muscles in a balanced way will change your posture, alignment, and change the way your body looks and feels!