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Ballet Inspired Barre - 3 Benefits of Barrework


Ballet Barre…Hands Down The Best Core Workout

With each isometric movement, you target the tiny muscles that may get ignored if you're sticking to crunches. You will build your endurance as the standing leg used to stabilize your core while you are holding positions and stabilizing your movements target Powerhouse and Core Muscles.

Beautiful Posture

All workouts are done with correct form and alignment of the spine. By strengthening shoulders, back and hips and opening the chest you begin to notice you are standing tall and many barre class regulars notice that they stand taller in their everyday lives as it does not feel good to slouch at their desk while sitting, or other daily activities in which it is easy to round your shoulders.

Barre Improves Flexibility Dramatically

Elongating muscles following strength conditioning helps to increase range of motion.  Positions are held for a longer duration and the warmth generated in the body by the strengthening exercises, helps for deeper stretches at the barre.

See you at the Barre~