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What Inspires You?

inspire-wallpaper_iphoneI have been thinking a lot lately about what motivates people to keep going, pursue their dreams and goals…even in the face of difficulty, opposition and obstacles.  You see it in athletes, artists, scientists and people who have a particular passion for a cause.  Do you have a passion…what inspires you to keep going?

As we move on into the new year, I would challenge everyone to think about – what inspires you?  When it comes to fitness I think inspiration and passion applies.  It’s tough to stay motivated doing things that bring little reward, or if we are doing it for approval from others, or to achieve a false ideal.

For me, now well into middle age…I am inspired by women who are over 40 and fab because it takes work!  But especially inspiring to me are women who are in their 60’s and 70’s who have health, great posture, agility, strength, flexibility, healthy bones and an abundance of energy. As much as we want to stay young and beautiful, at a certain point, it is about overall wellness and being at peace with ourselves.  I look at women who still do ballet or Pilates well into their 70’s and it’s amazing how exercise and the right kind of movement will help prevent some of what we believe to be inevitable signs of aging.  And as someone who became a mom at age 40, I want to be around for my daughter as long as possible.

For me, movement through dance, Pilates and barrework still inspires me at 52 (yes..52)! In fact it is really the only thing that has kept me injury free and able to get back into shape following pregnancy at 40 and close to a 40 pound weight gain (sigh…).  Having a strong pelvic floor, strong feet and a healthy spine may not sound sexy, but I am  beginning to appreciate those things more and more…although a little glamour doesn’t hurt!

So what inspires you?  I really encourage everyone to think about what they feel passionate about and really go for it in 2017.  The rewards will be worth the effort!

See you at the barre~