Contemporary Classical Fitness for Every Body

Getting Started with Fitness Classes, Barre or Pilates Reformer?  Here are some common questions answered:

Question: I have never done barre, do I have to be a dancer or have ballet experience?

Answer: No, our classes are small in size we never have more than 10 participants so we are able to provide more instruction.  The moves are designed to be modified and increased gradually as you improve in your strength and flexibility.  That way workouts are appropriate for all levels, so that beginners as well as more advanced students are able to workout to the best of their ability.

Question:  I am new to Pilates Reformer, how do I get started?

Answer:  We invite you to try your first session free in a small group class (no more than 3 participants).  We also offer a discount on first time Private Pilates Reformer Sessions for $48. as way to have individualized attention and learn the basics on the use of the Reformer equipment.

Question:  I have knee and back problems and just finished physical therapy.  Should I consider Pilates Reformer Sessions?

Answer: Absolutely, as long as your physician has not restricted you the Reformer is the perfect choice for post-rehab, as it is easy on the joints and emphasizes core conditioning.  Pilates Reformer will help your posture and alignment while strengthen and elongating your muscles.  

Question:  I just had a baby, is Pilates Reformer safe? 

Answer:  If your doctor has given you permission to exercise, Pilates Reformer is one of the best ways to get back to your pre-baby body.  You will strengthen core, tone the glutes, slim the waist, improve posture and help re-condition the pelvic floor which changes during childbirth and pregnancy.  Pilates is an amazing post-natal and beyond workout for moms!

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