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Pilates Reformer, Pilates for the Mat & PilatesBarre Fusion Small Group Training, Classes and Private Sessions

Transform Your Body, Spirit and Mind by taking your Pilates Practice to the next level with Pilates Reformer.  Small group training of 3 (Trio) and Private Training Available.

Pilates Memberships and Class Packages Available to suit your fitness needs.  Class are 55 minutes and are offered in Trio, duet or Private Training Session. For more information on session pricing and membership click here.

Engaging Your Core - We believe that fitness leads to happiness — happy body, happy mind. We use Allegro 2 spring-based resistance training for deep muscle strengthening and development. We sculpt long, lean bodies that are stable and strong to the core.

Challenge your Body - Take your fitness to another level with a non-impact workout that aligns the spine as you strengthen core muscles, increase flexibility, range of motion and agility. Help protect lower back and joint injuries while regaining mobility and core strength. Reformer workouts will challenge and inspire you!

Experience the Pilates Transformation - Pilates creates lasting changes in the body that will transform the way you look and feel.

Get Started with Pilates Reformer for amazing core strength, beautiful posture, long-lean muscles, and healthy spine and body. New to Pilates?  Try FAST TRACK FOR BEGINNERS: four 40-minute private sessions and 1 free group training.  


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One Day Sale September 9th! On sale Pilates Reformer 30% Off.  Pilates Body Membership $119 per month, regularly $149.